Strong edges, stable shapes

Manufacturing piping is one of our specialities. Piping is a versatile aid when sewing – e.g., it can be used along edges, hems, slits, or in seams, for defining dividing seams or transitions dimensionally or by adding colour.

Our piping is manufactured using braiding techniques and consists of a tape-like braid/sew-on edge, which has a cord/welt that is more or less thick on one side. This cord defines the edge or the seam. In the case of braided piping, the braid is flexible which makes it ideal for being laid around curves and edges. 

Piping can be used to define the style lines of a cut or silhouette of an article of clothing and to add colour accents. It gives otherwise plain articles of clothing a unique character. Piping is absolutely essential when creating a marine or uniform look.

Piping can also be used to give an edge an appealing shape or neaten up and protect cut edges and seams. Piping is often used this way, e.g., with pockets and collars. It reinforces the edge, stabilises the shape while defining and embellishing style lines.

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