Lacing, binding, regulating

Our product range also includes cords (laces, ropes) in a wide variety of materials, types, and thicknesses. We manufacture plain or multicolour braided, knitted, twisted, and elastic cords. We carry a large selection of different designs and samples, such as the climbing or paracord look. We are also happy to accommodate your individual wishes – whatever they may be.

Cords can have a round or oval cross-section (tubular cord), but can also be entirely flat (tubular braid). Cords can be used for lacing, binding, regulating widths, or adding other fashionable or sporty touches. For example, they can be found on hats (hat cord), as a drawstring in hoods, a jackets and trousers regulator, as a belt, as shoe laces, or as chains. Thinner variations are also commonly used as hanging loops, hang tags, packaging, or embroidery. As an insertion cord (low-shrinkage welt insert), it is used for piping with fabric or as corded welting.

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