Braids and galloons
Check, stripes, and other patterns

Continual diagonal intertwining of yarns is characteristic of these classic woven articles. The result is flat band-shaped meshwork. Simple braids and galloons have the appearance of a band. However, since they are braided and not woven, they offer light flexibility across their width.

Thanks to our multitude of different braiding machines, we are able to realise a wide range of different designs. In addition to plain braids, intertwining threads of different colours can be used to create check, houndstooth, and geometric patterns – even striped articles. Weights can be used to create ric rac and bow braids. Additional threads can be interwoven to create floral creeper motives, a picot mechanism produces small picots / loops (thread loops) on the sides. 

Braids also include classic passaments such as soutaches and trouser galloons, which are used in historical costumes or festive attire. Last, but not least is the age-old bookmark – the mark or book braid.

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