Maschinenfabrik Carl Friedrich Barmen became FRIEBA and a production plant developed into an esteemed global brand that embodies the values of lasting quality and continual flexibility in textile manufacturing.

Today, FRIEBA is a modern brand with an international reputation. For us, attention to detail is the proverbial common thread that runs through our company’s history – when it comes to design, selecting materials, and manufacturing. Expertise cultivated for over 100 years guides us every step of the way when developing a new product. Our range of braided, crocheted, and woven articles continues to develop on the basis of customers’ ideas and a steady supply of new trends, which we update every season – a vibrant portfolio that accommodates the wishes of our customers in every respect. We never stand still. After all, embracing change is a large part of what has made FRIEBA so successful.

Behind the scenes in production: A FRIEBA employee sets up a crotchet galloon machine.

Fashion, furniture and theatre

Time and again, our high standards and flexible production have attracted international brands. Our company’s philosophy perfectly accommodates the individual wishes of designers. Numerous stages across Europe also refine their creations with tapes, piping, cords, galloons, edgings, or fringes from FRIEBA.

Despite all the success, FRIEBA has remained a down-to-earth medium-sized family-owned company. Around 25 specialised employees work at our corporate headquarters near the Hamburger Treppe in Wuppertal-Elberfeld. Since its founding, Textilwerk Carl Friedrich has been family owned and our entire assortment of braiding and crochet galloon articles are still all “made in Germany”. 

To the point: numerous threads are intertwined and form the finished article at the so-called braiding point.

Craft of tomorrow

In light of our experience and positive attitude towards constant change, we at FRIEBA are optimistic about the future. We believe that quality is timeless. One of the main topics our customers have been asking about to an increasing degree is production that uses renewable materials. That’s why, among other things, we are currently developing special articles from certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. Soon, the latter will also be available in a variety of colours.

To develop is to move forward – or as the age-old saying goes: “To stand still is to fall behind”. That’s why we have taken the first steps of many towards preparing for the future.