FRIEBA’S entire collection is manufactured on the basis of over a century of expertise, which is absolutely essential – after all, every thread has a life of its own and every machine its own soul. No one knows that better than our employees.

All articles, which we manufacture on location using braiding or gallooning techniques, meet the highest quality standards. This is not only thanks to the careful selection of threads, but also our employees whose years of expertise are instilled in every inch of our products.

As today the profession of decorative textile manufacturer is of hardly any significance in the domestic market, we opt to train our employees right here at FRIEBA. Proper handling of braiding and crocheting machines requires great care, technical expertise, and a good feel for sensitive material. It takes several years to learn all the tips and tricks needed for equipment.

Barmer braiding machines

In addition to our modern machines, which we regularly ensure reflect the latest state of the art, we also still operate a few old gems from the early days. For good reason, after all, the old Barmer machines, which are very gentle on the materials thanks to their low rotation speed, are capable of manufacturing extraordinary articles. Of course, these gems require significantly more care and attention. Spare parts have long since vanished and now have to be individually manufactured. But it’s worth it for us since it means we are still able to offer these unique articles to our customers in the very best quality. 

As for the younger machines, we are committed to investing in the future. That’s why we have purchased a fair share of new units in the past twenty years. As they can't just be bought “off the shelf”, every single machine is specially manufactured in accordance with our requirements. Variety is also the key to success here: a total of 300 braiding machines with 39 different configurations form the basis of FRIEBA’s extensive portfolio that our customer really value, highly appreciated by our customers. Our extensive stock of different threads means that, once the order has been placed, we are able to manufacture without losing any time while offering the same high quality.