Bookmark Ribbons
Colourful reading accessories – Made in Germany
Reading is much easier with a bookmark. Especially, when you want to take a break. The small ribbons then come in very helpful in marking the page which you wish to continue reading from next time. Their main advantage: They are always there when you need one.

The bookmark ribbon is a product with many aliases: Marker ribbon, reading ribbon, reading strip, bookmark band, book marker, book braid or even a closure strap are just some of them. They have though a very practical benefit: As an integrated reading aid. A bookmark ribbon simply serves as a marker in a book where the reader stopped at and then enables them to find that page easier and faster. It facilitates orientation, reduces the work in finding text passages and is an elegant solution in comparison to some that readers come up with like turning the corner of the page over, the so called dog ears.

Book ribbons are available in many different versions: Narrow, wide, plain-coloured or striped. Depending on the design, they are not only suitable for magnificent opulant volumes but also for practical notebooks. One big advantage that the book ribbon has is that it can never get lost like a loose bookmark or any other marker that is simply placed betwen the pages of a book. Sometimes, it is also practical when a book has multiple numbers of book ribbons. 

In the production of our bookmark ribbons, only fine, high-quality viscose is used.

Design and material

The traditional material for bookmark ribbons is viscose. This material gives the ribbons a beautiful, silky shine and allows for a fine, soft and flat shape that ensures that the bookmark band does not show through or damage the paper, even with thin paper. It also does not disturb if it protrudes from the side of the book. The decisive factor here is that we have a very high-quality viscose which is robust but also very pleasant to the touch. 

Bookmark ribbons can be harmoniously integrated into the design of a book or used as exciting accents. The narrow band is attached to the head of the spine of the book block and placed between the pages of the book. It usually extends over the tail end of the book block. The bookmark band is not to be confused with the endband, the small, colourful, bead-like band that is glued to hardcover books and case-bound books at the head and the tail of the spine.

Bookmark ribbons from FRIEBA

All of our bookmark ribbons are manufactured in our ribbon & braiding factory in Wuppertal. Our large machine park consists of a variety of braiding machines which enable us to offer bookmark ribbons in different widths or special designs such as in double or triple-striped colour combinations. In the standard versions, we have large quantities of the most popular colours in stock. Any special widths or customized versions which are not in stock, can be easily and quickly produced owing to our high machine capacity. In addition, we also have a wide range of colours to choose from.

The most popular bookmark ribbons are produced to a standard width of 5 mm. Other widths can be found on our sample cards. The standard range at FRIEBA includes widths von approx. 1.5 mm to 7 mm. We can also offer special widths of up to a maximum of 17 mm. 

Our bookmark ribbons are available on spools up to lengths of between 500 m and 1,500 m depending on the article.

The advantages of our braided viscose bookmark ribbons:

  • Especially fine, thin and soft 
  • Huge range of colours
  • Many different widths (also special widths possible)
  • Extensive stock programme
  • High-quality colours guarantee a high, long-lasting colour brilliance  and prevents any staining on the paper pages 
  • Our viscose yarn is certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Product Class 1 (subject to the most rigorous tests)  
  • Have the FSC seal

Our bookmark ribbon stock programme guarantees a fast delivery of our standard articles.

FRIEBA stands for choice

Owing to our diverse production programme – including the clothing industry among other areas – we stock a very wide range of yarn qualities in our yarn warehouse. For this reason, we can produce bookmark ribbons in varies materials such as cotton, polyester or in metallic and neon colours on request.

In addition, we also produce other articles for the finishing of; printed matter, books, labels, and  cardboard boxes such as satin ribbons, fine cords and elastic cords.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

100 years of experience

Maschinenfabrik Carl Friedrich Barmen became FRIEBA and a production plant developed into an esteemed global brand that embodies the values of lasting quality and continual flexibility in textile manufacturing.