Bookmark Ribbons
Colourful reading accessories – Made in Germany
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Reading is much easier with a bookmark. Especially, when you want to take a break. The small ribbons then come in very helpful in marking the page which you wish to continue reading from next time. Their main advantage: They are always there when you need one.

Certified textile products with a green conscience

Sustainability has been on everyone’s mind long before 2021 arrived. Whether on the catwalk of major fashion labels or in textile production. More and more often, independent fashion designers and major fashion labels are demanding tapes, cords, trimmings or braids that are manufactured in a sustainable manner and are certified, for example, in accordance with the GOTS standard. But what does sustainable really mean when it comes to textiles? 

Egyptian Cotton
High-quality fibres for exceptional textile products

At FRIEBA, we only use Egyptian cotton in braided, crocheted, and woven articles, which are characterised, among other things, by their fine yet highly durable structure. The final touch is added to our threads in sophisticated finishing processes such as mercerisation and carding.

Textile articles from Germany
Fair labour and outstanding quality

All articles that leave our plant in Wuppertal have been manufactured under fair working conditions and with 100 years of experience. This is anything but a given in today’s global textile sector, which all too often is associated with inhumane conditions and environmentally-harmful processes.